ACOUSTIC ARRANGEMENT: おさむらいさんOsamurai-san (
VOCAL: カリコ Calico

So I did this short version of Donut Hole. The acoustic arrangement is by Osamurai-san.

【IA】 流星&Gradation 【オリジナルMV】




If there was an award for laziest blogger ever, it’d probably be me because I suck at updating (say, once every three months? D:) 

I don’t know much about what’s going on in You/Utaite-whatever you call it community much but it seems a lot of new people are joining in with more grouses to say about singing/people before them in general. 

Well, my friends, THAT’S EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS. Nobody started out as an instant superstar in Youtube. You got to learn the basics and improve your skills before you can start building your fanbase earning the respect of your fellow singers. So PLEASE put those brains and vocal chords to work before you start voicing your opinions about other people. 


Anyway rant aside, I’m currently on my sem break so I have time to work on mixing and recording for a bit. I thought it was high time I resume progress on my “Ryuusei and Gradation” cover, which I had started last July. If you have never heard this song with the pretty cool name before, it’s an upbeat VOCAROCK tune composed by Yairi (やいり) and it’s pretty much underrated (Only 2987 views on Youtube, are you kidding me!?). It’s sung by IA and has a very fast, high strung feel to it. Watch the original MV above.

So far I’ve got the main vocal recorded and cleaned up, and the only thing I need to work on now is the harmonizing vocals. I have a history of harmonizing badly, and the harmony sounds weird especially when combined with bad timing.

So what I do sometimes is I cheat by creating karaoke versions of the originals by deleting the main vocal, leaving only the harmonizing vocals behind. If you’re using Adobe Audition CS6, go to Effects -> Stereo Imagery -> Centre Channel Extractor -> Presets (Karaoke Drop Vocals 20dB). After that, I can just practice based on the version with only the harmonizing vocals and re-record them in with my main vocal. 

It sounds like an easy process but practice is key, and also keen sense of timing both when recording and mixing. I’m still improving on this technique too, so I hope it goes well for my cover of Ryuusei & Gradation! 

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get some time and space for practice. Meanwhile, good luck to everyone in your covers :)