Youkai Taisou Daiichi 【Calico】/ ようかい体操第一 歌ってみた 【カリコ】

Please watch at 360P with headphones. :D
360P とイヤホンで聞いてください。


Genki and Lazy Version Youkai Taisou Daiichi.
Let’s do the Taisou!
Lazy Version up on SoundCloud -


Please watch at 360P with headphones. :D
360P とイヤホンで聞いてください。

★ World Lampshade 【Calico】/ ワールド・ランプシェード 歌ってみた 【カリコ】 ★

Original music & lyrics: buzzG(mylist/13954828)
illustration & movie: mogelatte/モゲラッタ(mylist/22088435)
Original vocal: ryo-kun/りょーくん (mylist/21309091)Twitter⇒ryokun_san
Original NND link:

Today (31/8) is Miku’s birthday and also my country’s National Day.
So I guess today would be a lucky day to upload something after so long.
It’s a honour for me to cover Ryo-kun this time.
He’s my ultimate favourite NND utaite and I really like this song composed by BuzzG as well.
This time it took me a really long time to get the harmony down, I guess my skills must be getting rusty (wait, did I have skills to even begin with?)

Do enjoy and comment if you like!

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