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480P とイヤホンで聞いてください。

After a long long hiatus, I’m back! 

Things got really crazy for the past year, and I didn’t get to record properly for a while. Sorry to everyone who’s been listening and supporting me since I started this channel. 

This time I covered keeno’s legendary Miku song “glow”. 

It’s once of the first few Vocaloid songs that I heard and its got a lot of feels in it for me. No matter how many times I hear this song I still love it, so I hope I did this one justice. Enjoy and tell me what you think, peeps!

The background illustration is by Rella on pixiv (


Cover by Calico

Original vocaloid singer: Hatsune Miku

Original music & lyrics: keeno(mylist/21780260)

Original illustration by:Rella (

Original NND link:

ACOUSTIC ARRANGEMENT: おさむらいさんOsamurai-san (
VOCAL: カリコ Calico

So I did this short version of Donut Hole. The acoustic arrangement is by Osamurai-san.